ABPM Diplomates attend Midwest Residency Education Summit


Several  ABPM Diplomates attended or presented at the Midwest ResidencyEducation Summit in Chicago May 30- June 1.

Marc Benard, DPM shares information about ABPM

Marc Benard, DPM shares information about ABPM


Find a Board Certified Foot Doctor (Podiatrist) near you!

If you are looking for an ABPM Board Certified Podiatrist (Foot Doctor) in your area, please view our  directory .   By selecting a foot doctor with ABPM Certification, you are selecting a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine who has passed a thorough testing and validation process of the podiatrist’s expertise in the practice of podiatric medicine and orthopedics.

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Master Diplomates!

Many ABPM Diplomates share their expertise regularly on Meet the Masters webinars.  Listen to some of the following!

Barbara Aung, DPM  on Leadership, Business, Marketing, Research and Wound Care

Beth Jarrett, DPM on BioMechanics

Bryan Markinson, DPM on  Research, Wound Care and Education

Gerit Mulder, DPM on Wound Care

James Stavosky, DPM on Surgery, Leadership Research, BioMechanics, Wound Care, Education

Edwin Wolf, DPM on Business, Education

Gregg Young, DPM on Surgery, Leadership, Research, BioMechanics, Would Care, Education




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