The application for ABPM board qualification and certification just became easier with our new ABPM online application.   Simply select the examination you will be taking, upload any required documentation and submit fees electronically through our secured payment system.

Each applicant receives a unique login ID when they launch the application. This secure ID will be used when returning to complete the application or when uploading documentation.

An added aspect of this enhanced process is that a candidate, upon passing the board qualification or certification will both be able to review their scores available through a locked portion of the website, and have their names included automatically in the member directory – the latter providing them immediate visibility to those searching for qualified podiatrists in their area.

“Our goal is to continue making our processes easy to understand and highly professional to use. Two years ago we automated our exam and launched an improved website, a year ago we created a secure dashboard where applicants can view exam result and now we have streamlined the application process. By continuing to automate features through our website we hope to improve the overall user experience and find ways to provide ongoing added value to the membership,” stated Marc Benard, DPM and ABPM Executive Director.

Applications for next year’s qualification or certification exams are due March 14, 2015.