Melissa J. Lockwood, DPM DABPM

Happy Fall to all my resident friends! I am thrilled to share my recent experience with all of you. The ABPM has several initiatives in place to further engage new and younger members including sponsorship with the APMA’s Young Physician Institute (YPI). I was honored to attend this year’s event in Nashville, TN and encourage ALL of you to think about, not only attending the event next year, but also looking into all the opportunities available to young physicians and residents.

My experience this year was amazing. The APMA’s commitment to recruiting, growing and maintaining relationships with young leaders is evident by the great topics presented at the conference including: risk management issues (Cybercrimes), economics of practicing medicine in the 21st Century, employee/employer relations, practice start-ups, student loan debt strategies, and more.

There were also two opportunities to break away into small groups and work on APMA initiatives. I was thrilled to see many attendees actively participate in defining podiatric leadership in the 21st century and how the APMA can support these young leaders.

What is ABPM’s relationship to APMA and how are they involved with Young Physicians? ABPM is one of only two certifying boards recognized under the authority of the APMA to certify in podiatric medicine and orthopedics. ABPM takes this responsibility seriously and is continually looking for opportunities to share information about its certification. In Nashville, at the YPI, the APBM sponsored an informative lunch discussing the critical need for board certification and the streamlined pathway to certification available to those of us who have graduated from a three year medical and surgical residency. The ABPM is looking also for young members to speak about their experiences with the ABPM with their colleagues.

Are you interested in attending the YPI in future years? Please contact ABPM headquarters for more information regarding the opportunity to be sponsored to the event by the ABPM!