Todd Goodman, DPM

Todd Goodman, DPM

Being in practice for 18 years as a podiatrist, my appreciation for my certified status in the ABPM has grown exponentially.  Why?  I have seen the trust that my certified status instills in patients, referring doctors, professional colleagues, hospitals, and even insurance carriers.  Anyone who is board certified by the ABPM knows the stringent process that is involved in obtaining that certified status.  Obtaining and maintaining that status displays a doctors’ dedication to their patients and their profession.

Being board certified by the ABPM for 12 years now, it is great to see that the board is going strong and growing readily.  When I visit the website it is great to see the boards’ involvement with podiatric residents and its current members.  It is also encouraging to see ABPM certified physicians accomplishing great things as highlighted on the website.

The ABPM’s continued recognition by the American Podiatric Medical Association(APMA) displays legitimacy and lets patients, referring doctors, professional colleagues, hospitals and insurance companies know that an ABPM certified physician didn’t just sign up and pay for their certification.

Looking to the future, I am very optimistic about our board due to the strong leadership we have and the strong website/web presence that we have.

I chose to write this because I am just constantly noticing the importance of my certification with the ABPM and plan to stay certified throughout my professional career.”

Todd Goodman, DPM, FACFAOM