Orthofix TrueLok Hexapod System

Nihar Ghate, DPM

Dr. Nihar Ghate recently became one of the first foot and ankle surgeons in the nation to utilize the Orthofix TrueLok Hexapod System (TL-Hex). TL-Hex is a unique external fixation device used to treat a variety of bone fractures and deformities. The device consists of two rings connected by six telescopic struts extending from and to special universal joints located on the rings. The device fits around the patient’s limb and is attached to the bone with pins that extend from the rings through the skin and into the bone.

By making daily adjustments to the lengths of the six struts, one ring can be re positioned with respect to the other, resulting in the ability to correct even the most complex bone deformities and fractures. Using a Web-based application, a surgeon is able to enter the original deformity data into the program through standard Web devices such as “radio buttons” and “text boxes.” Based on the data entered, the software provides the surgeon with a day-to-day prescription of strut adjustments needed to correct the bone deformity.

Nihar Ghate, DPM has been an ABPM Diplomate since 2014.

Source: Podiatry Management News, Online