Dr. Crystal Holmes is Named President of the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association

Dr. Crystal Holmes, President of the MPMA

Dr. Crystal Holmes, President of the MPMA

Dr. Crystal Holmes was named president of the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, (MPMA). The announcement was made at the MPMA’s Great Lakes Conference. Holmes will serve as president of the MPMA through January 2018. She will guide the association’s management group, Kindsvatter, Dalling & Associates, and take the lead in pursuing on-going educational programs.

Other members of the 2016 MPMA executive board include: president-elect, Dr. Joyce Patouhas; secretary, Dr. Ahmed Farah; treasurer, Dr. Bruce Jacob; and immediate Past President, Dr. Ali Safiedine.

Crystal Holmes, DPM has been board certified with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine since 2008.

Source: Podiatry Management, Online


Why Certify with ABPM?

The ABPM conducts several “Why Certify with ABPM” presentations each year with students and residents explaining the importance and value of ABPM Certification.

“Understanding the details around Board Certification is important.  We try to clarify for students and residents what to expect in the exam process, the value of ABPM Certification and the best way to prepare for certification,” explained Dr. Marc Benard, Executive Director, ABPM.

The presentation highlights many key reasons new practitioners need certification including:

1)      The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recommends certification:  “Certification is an earned credential for those podiatric physicians who have achieved certain levels of skill and ability based on completing specific advanced training and clinical experience and examination.”

2)      ABPM certifies in the care most podiatrist provide every day.   According to APMA, podiatric medicine comprises 80% of a podiatric practice.  The presentation also provides case studies comparing data around medical and surgical reimbursement models and the importance of understanding the numbers in setting up a practice.

3)      Hospitals typically require Board Certification to obtain privileges.

4)      Insurance panels typically require Board Certification to become paneled.

5)      Board certification is a way to achieve your professional goals, validate your expertise, improve your marketability, increase your earnings and join an organization that provides industry visibility and long lasting career value.

6)      ABPM is the only board recognized by the Joint Committee on the Recognition of Specialty Boards under the authority of the APMA to certify in podiatric orthopedics and podiatric medicine.

AND perhaps one of the most important point for those anxious to get Board Certified:

7)      For graduates of an approved three-year residency, ABPM Board Certification is possible within one year of completing the residency.  A candidate would take the Board Qualification Examination immediately after completing their residency and, once Qualified could take the Certification Examination within the same year.  This is possible because sufficient podiatric case studies are accumulated in the areas of podiatric medicine that the board is able to test and recognize this work immediately.

For a simple review of the steps to ABPM Certification, check out their interactive infographic.  If you have further questions, view the website or call their headquarters at 310-375-0700.

Upcoming DEADLINE for Certification MARCH 14!

Reception Held at Barry University Hosted by ABPM

Dr. Steven Goldman with Barry University Podiatric Students

Dr. Steven Goldman with Barry University Podiatric Students

Barry University students listening to Dr. Goldman

Barry University students during Dr. Steven Goldman’s presentation on the ABPM

The American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM) recently hosted a reception in mid-February for approximately sixty podiatric students at Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine, in Miami Shores, FL.  The Board hosts several of these per year at the various colleges of podiatric medicine.   This is done to both familiarize the students regarding the nature of board certification in general and in the ABPM certification process in particular.   ABPM President, Dr. Steven Goldman, was on site to present details of the process and also shared the significance of ABPM certification in the development of his own podiatric career.

“I love speaking with the students and sharing both the value of ABPM certification as well as my view of the podiatric profession moving forward and the importance of that certification within it.” stated Dr. Goldman.

Also in attendance at the event was Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine appointed Dean, Dr. Albert Armstrong, ABPM Diplomate since 2007.

The next ABPM student reception will take place at Midwestern University, in Glendale, Arizona on Wednesday, March 16th.

For more information on the ABPM certification, please visit our website.

American Academy Of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM) Hold Annual Elections

President of AAPPM, Dr. Ben Weaver

President of AAPPM, Dr. Ben Weaver

Among the activities during the recent American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM) Midwinter Conference were the annual AAPPM elections. Elected as officers were:

President: Ben Weaver, DPM

President-elect:  Andrew Schneider, DPM

Treasurer: Jon Purdy, DPM

Secretary: Mike King, DPM

Past President:  Jeff Frederick, DPM.

New to the Board of Trustees is Misty McNeill, DPM. Joining her as trustees are Andy Bhatia, DPM, Charley Greiner, DPM, Melissa Lockwood, DPM, Bill McCann, DPM, and Jonathan Moore, DPM.

Dr. Melissa Lockwood has been an ABPM Diplomate since 2012; Dr. Misty McNeill since 2007; Dr. Jonathan Moore since 2007 and Dr. Ben Weaver  since 2005.

Source: PM News, Online 

Dr. Kathya Zinszer Recognized by Geisinger Health System

Dr. Kathya Zinszer

ABPM Diplomate, Dr. Kathya Zinszer

Geisinger Health System recently presented awards to care providers ranking in the top 90th percentile or better on patient satisfaction ratings for the past fiscal year. These included Kathya M. Zinszer, DPM, Podiatry, Geisinger-Woodbine. Dr. Zinszer graduated with honors from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and did her residencies at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX and the Temple University Hospital.

Dr. Kathya M. Zinszer has been board certified with the ABPM since 2011.

Source: Podiatry Management News, Online

Dr. Bryan Snyder is Co-Chair of “Shoes for the Homeless” Mission

Dr. Bryan Snyder, Co-Chair of "Shoes for the Homeless"

Dr. Bryan Snyder, Co-Chair of “Shoes for the Homeless”

A pair of shoes is something many of us take for granted. Shoes protect us from the harsh terrain and the outside elements. They can also be pretty pricey. That’s what compels Charlottesville podiatrists and the Salvation Army to hold their annual “Shoes for the Homeless” give-away.

“Shoes are the way that we contact the Earth. I think it’s a way that we protect our feet from the problems we have with terrain and Earth as is, and also they make us feel good,” Dr. Bryan Snyder, a co-chair of “Shoes for the Homeless,” said. Over the past 26 years, more than 100,000 shoes have been collected and distributed.

Bryan Synder, DPM, has been an ABPM Diplomate since 2005.

Source: PM News, Online



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