Michael Wodka

Michael Wodka, DPM, First Vice President of The First National Guild

The results of the 2016 Election of Officers of the First National Guild have been certified to the Office and Professional Employees International Union. Twenty three nominees from 9 states were nominated by the membership for nine positions. After nominations closed, ballots and prepaid return envelops were distributed to the membership. The results are:

President, John Mattiacci, DPM (PA), Secretary Treasurer, Hal Ornstein, DPM (NJ), First Vice President, Michael Wodka, DPM (NY), Second Vice President, Brent Parry, DPM (IL), Third Vice President, Robert Herpen, DPM (PA), Recording Secretary, Ed Smith, DPM (VT), Trustees: Terence McDonald, DPM (FL),  Philip Morreal, DPM (IO), Gary Stones, DPM (NY)

Michael Wodka, DPM has been a board certified member of ABPM since 1993.

Source: Podiatry Management News, Online