Lynn LeBlanc

(L-R) Drs.Gabriel Gambardella, Meredith Ward, Eric Kosofsky, Lynn LeBlanc, Kurt Rode, and Rafael Gonzalez

More than 260 homeless children and adults in Hartford are now enjoying a rare comfort – high-quality, well-fitting shoes and new socks – after attending a foot screening clinic at Holy Trinity Church. The event was part of a new program, “Footwear with Care”, that is providing urgently needed shoes and foot care to Hartford’s homeless community.

The initiative is a partnership of the Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association, Fleet Feet of West Hartford, the non-profit Community Partners in Action, and the Hartford Police Department. At a recent clinic, Dr. Lynn LeBlanc and other podiatrists affilated with St. Francis Medical Center examined the feet of Hartford’s most vulnerable population for hours, checking for critical foot issues and making sure that new shoes fit well.

Lynn LeBlanc, DPM has been an ABPM Diplomate since 1994.

Source: Podiatry Management News, Online