Dr John Connors

John Connors, DPM

Dr. John F. Connors is a podiatrist, not of the run of the mill variety, but of the running variety. He specializes in sports podiatry. More specifically, he focuses on runners, especially middle and long distance runners.

Over the course of his 20-plus year career Connors, who has offices in New York City and Little Silver, has worked with many elite athletes not only from the United States, but from countries around the world – Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Romania. He’s offered his services at multiple Olympic Games, including Sydney, Australia, in 2000 and London in 2012, where he was one of the doctors at the Nike hospitality tent.

He’s been called “the go to guy in the entire country” when it comes to runners’ injuries. His patients include Shannon Rowbury, the American record holder in the 1,500 meters; Molly Huddle, the American record holder in both the 5,000 meters and the 10,000 meters – setting the latter mark in the Rio Olympic Games – and Kenyan Patrick Makau Musyoki, the former world record holder in the marathon.

So what was Connors doing on Monday morning, addressing a crowd of about 80 cross country and track athletes in the Southern Regional High School auditorium? It turns out that Connors, who grew up on LBI, treats Southern Regional School District Superintendent Craig Henry and is friends with members of the district’s coaching staff.

The doctor – who, by the way, has run almost 20 marathons of his own – gave the students an hour-long PowerPoint presentation titled “Running Injuries – Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention.” At times he slipped into heavy medical nomenclature, talking about things such as patellofermoral pain and femoral neck stress fractures. But much of his talk addressed running injuries in clear and simple language that both the Southern athletes and casual weekend warriors could understand. Read full article here

John Connors, DPM has been a board certified diplomate with the ABPM since 1992.

Source: TheSandPaper.net