Dr. Karen Galli examining veteran, Don Morton

Stand Down South Jersey is an annual event at the Cherry Hill Armory of the New Jersey National Guard where homeless and at-risk veterans received social and medical service. U.S. Marine Corp. veteran Don Morton of Camden was able to relax in a reclining chair at the armory. It was not just to rest his legs and feet. Podiatrist Dr. Karen Galli sat down and began examining his chronic foot problems — blisters, calluses, and other issues from too much walking. The doctor then tended to his needs, treating and cleaning Morton’s feet. Podiatry, and other medical services were provided by or through the Philadelphia VA Medical Center.

Galli advised Morton that he needs regular foot care and should consult with his primary physician at the VA Clinic in Camden. “Usually, the underlying cause of foot problems in homeless veterans is diabetes, whose symptoms include ulcers and neuropathy. Sometimes they may step on a nail or glass, not feel it, and may end up losing their toes,” the doctor explained.

Karen Galli, DPM has been board certified with the ABPM since 199.

Source: Podiatry Management News, Online