Drs. Nicole DeLauro and William Chagares

Drs. Nicole DeLauro and William Chagares


The American Board of Podiatric Medicine is pleased to announce the results for the 2017-2018 Election of Directors.  Congratulations to Dr. Nicole DeLauro, elected to her first term on the Board, and Dr. William Chagares, elected to his second term on the Board.



Gina M. Painter, DPM, President
Mitchell D. Shikoff, DPM, Vice President
William E. Chagares, DPM, Treasurer
Stephen M. Geller, DPM, Secretary
Steven L. Goldman, DPM, Immediate Past President


Nicole M. DeLauro, DPM
Melissa J. Lockwood, DPM
Lee C. Rogers, DPM
James W. Stavosky, DPM

We would also like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Lester J. Jones and Dr. Samuel J. Spadone, who went off the Board of Directors in 2017.